About Kevin Bishop

Kevin Bishop


A production legend - Andrew Roy, Editor, BBC World Newsgathering

Always on the trail of another great story, the harder the logistical challenge, it seemed, the greater its appeal - and the greater the triumph when it came off - Claire Stocks, Multi-Platform Editor, BBC London 2012

Getting us from Moscow to the MH17 crash site when there were no planes and no trains - a work of genius - Daniel Sandford, BBC Moscow Correspondent

The strongest human commitment to what we do - Fergal Keane, Special Correspondent, BBC News

Without his can-do attitude and sense of scale, coverage of the Mandela funeral would not have gone nearly as well - Jonathan Chapman, Editor BBC Africa Bureaux

Good humour and stoic response to everything the BBC has thrown at him over the years - Jonathan Paterson, Deployment Editor BBC World Newsgathering

A model of what BBC News should be about - Paul Royall, Editor BBC News at Six and Ten

Emotion, drive and energy. A professional who finds a point of contact with people in any situation - Vitaly Kostrykin, BBC Driver Moscow